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Perth, Western Australia.

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About Us

Specialised Security Shredding has been providing confidential document destruction services to business and Government Departments since 1994.

Our Company is one of the largest independent high security document companies in WA.

We hold contracts for Government clients and large multinational companies, as well as servicing small business entities and private individuals.

Several national document destruction companies have selected us to represent their Western Australian operations.




Destruction Process

Our staff have been subject to a National Police Clearance prior to employment.

They also receive our standard induction and undergo further training to ensure secure and safe procedures are adhered to.

Destruction Facility

We maintain our destruction equipment to ensure your confidential documents are destroyed "in house ".

Our company does not employ subcontractors for any part of our process.

We operate large capacity industrial shredders of 40 Hp and 30 Hp capacity which ensure that all material entrusted to us is destroyed quickly and efficiently.

All work is monitored by CCTV.

Certificate of Destruction

On completion of the destruction process we issue a certificate of destruction.

Recycling Process

All paper products collected by SSS are guaranteed to be recycled.

The paper is shredded and baled into one tonne blocks.

These blocks are supplied to paper mills for manufacture of recycled paper products such as writing paper, tissue paper and packaging.


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Specialised Security Shredding